Our data centric approach allows us to utilize science to ensure that you can return to play in no time stronger than before


decrease risk of re-injury 87%
increase speed of recovery 78%
increase pre-injury kpi 72%

Kinesiology lab

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a muscle tear or recovering from a surgical reconstruction. 

Our goal is to get you faster and stronger than before while assessing your progress the entire way

No more prolonged sore muscles

Recovery zone

We’ve teamed with the best recovery tech companies to provide you with the latest recovery tech and strategies.

Why utilise our recovery zone?

backed by science...

enhance performance

Reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Our unique recovery systems are trusted and used by elite athletes. Experience the transformative power of Normatec for optimal recovery

Reduce risk of injury

Lowered Percieved Exertion

The Normatec 3 offers dynamic air compression massage for a quick recovery experience, providing a personalized, deep tissue massage for optimal results. 

Pre & Post training prep

Increase Musculoskeletal Heat

Warm up and cool down like the pros, with routines guided by top athletes and automatic speed adjustment with the Bluetooth®-connected Therabody app 

5 Sessions Card

  • 5 Kinesiology Sessions
  • personalised Rehabilitation plan
  • 20 minutes recovery zone per Visit
  • Neuromuscular Testing every session
Most Popular

10 Sessions Card

  • 10 Kinesiology Sessions
  • Post-Recovery Training plan
  • Personalised Recovery Strategies
  • post-recovery physiological tests
  • 20 Minute Recovery zone Per visit
  • Neuromuscular Testing Every Session​

15 Sessions Card

  • 10 kineiology Sessions
  • personalised recovery strategies
  • unlimited recovery zone per visit
  • 5 strength & conditioning sessions
  • post-recovery individualized training
  • Neuromuscular Testing Every Session​
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