Unleash your true Athletic Performance

A data driven approach to high performance….

not rocket science,
sports science

An holistic approach to human performance


Trey Hart has revolutionized athletic performance through his blend of sports science expertise, strength & conditioning coaching, and data-driven approach to performance helping 100s of athletes, clubs and rehabilitation clients improve their lives


High performance

An athlete centric approach to improve your performance levels and reducing your risk of injury

Kinesiology Clinic

Our data-driven approach ensures efficient recovery from injuries to help you return stronger and fitter

Personal Training

A client-oriented holistic approach to improve your strength and conditioning through movement

Our method has been tested

"As a highly qualified strength & conditioning coach, Trey is the perfect trainer to work with. He's knowledgeable about the newest science, adjusts the training to your level and your goals, and is very pleasant to work with"
Veerle Smith- medical Doctor & CEO
"Trey's coaching prepared me physically and mentally to successfully return to professional football after two knee surgeries. With his sciencetific, meticulous approach I regained confidence, strength and purpose in my abilities"
Karyn Forbes- Professional Footballer
"Trey's training vastly improved my balance and gait after 11 years of struggling to walk following a bone tumor and surgery. His patience, curiosity, and motivation are exceptional. I highly recommend anyone wanting to improve to work with him"
Josine Koeleman- Mentor & Coach
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